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Good Sleep Massage Hong Kong


A good night’s sleep is the essential prerogative for a healthy living and there can be no better way to sound sleep than easing away tension, relaxing the stressed nerves and getting rid of mental unrest with a full body massage. Our 90 minute full body Swedish oil massage with particular focus on body’s meridian lines, scalp, nerves and limbs can perfectly put your mind at rest. Here we provide details of how this massage works.

1) Relax having a warm bath

There are certain habits in life that are naturally sleep inducing and one of them is having a warm bath before the bed time. Mix few drops of Lavender or Chamomile essential oil in your bath water to feel relaxing and pacifying effect on your nerve and senses. A warm bath will leave more moisture on your skin and help the massage to penetrate deeper and consequently it will get more effective in inducing sleep.

2) Relaxed sleeping position

More than anything else a relaxed sleeping position with your whole body being at ease is important. A sleeping posture that gives your body your habituated comfort, ease of breathing and movement of limbs is also ideal for sleep massage to put your mind at rest more effectively.

3) Administering the sleep massage

Administer sleep massage to induce sleep requires a few considerations and steps that we would mention here one by one.

  • Begin with the hands, palm and finger massage and using a organic cream or oil while massaging is highly recommended for better effect.

  • Gently rub your both of your arms one by one with the opposite palm. While massaging thus try to rub from elbow to forefingers and then on the opposite direction.

  • In line with your little finger there is a point in wrist that is in between the inner and outer part of hand. Apply gentle pressure with your finger in this spot. Do the same in the wrists of both hands. Pressing on this point is helpful to get relieved from insomnia, anxiety and nervous tension.

  • Now press gently with your fingers on the point just a finger’s width below the inner ankle. Pressing on this point on both legs would promote deep sleep.

  • Press gently with your finger just below the outer ankles and the massage will cure sleep disorder.

  • Now rub both of your palms pressing against each other for as long as 30 seconds.

  • Place both of your palms covering your face from forehead to chin and take a few deep breathes.

  • Now reach both your palms at the back of your head and place the thumbs at the base of the skull. Gentle pressure on this point with your thumbs release nervous tension and induces sleep.

4) Give in to sleep

As the whole massage is reaching its stage you are likely to feel the calming effect on your mind and body and now put your body at most comfortable and relaxed posture and just submit yourself to sleep.

Tips and Caution

Here are few important things to remember while following instructions on sleep massage:

  • Do not overdo any movement of massage, because overdoing massage will actually result in opposite.

  • As soon as you are feeling sleepy enough just give yourself to sleep rather than straining yourself more for completing the full course of massage.

  • If pressing on any point you feel uncomfortable leave it out of your massage course.

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